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have you ever walked into a nail salon and felt that you're going to see the dentist?


or worse yet, that you're just another person on a list waiting to sit there, sip stale coffee from a paper cup while staring into outer space for half an hour only to walk away with a mediocre (at best) mani?

well i have, and so i decided to do something about it!

you may think this story is cliché but i promise you, this is the truth and nothing but the truth :)

picture this, a quiet summer evening, newlywed husband and wife enjoying a cup of tea outside when a light bulb flashes:

     me: babe, look at my nails, i literally just got them done... ughhh..  why is it so hard to find             a good nail salon these days! i feel like i should just open my own!

     him: well why not, go for it, and i'll be your partner

and the rest is history...

so what's so special about loft nail bar, you ask?

we will not cut corners to save on cost, only the highest grade products will ever enter our salon. also, you don't need to be sitting in a clinic or hospital-like environment to be sure that you're getting your nails done in a hygienic manner and you don't need to compromise hygiene for speed or quality. we want you to feel royal in our unpretentious, spotless environment, and if you don't feel that way, let us know and we'll bend over backwards to make it happen. 

so who are "we"?

"me" - a toxicologist with a strong biology background working in the pharmaceutical            

            industry for over 10 years so far. so yes, rest assured that i know a thing or two

            about bacteria, viruses and all that fun stuff!

"him" - a hard-working IT expert turned department manager with an analytical mindset

             that helped bring the idea to life. oh, and he's pretty handy too as you will see by the

             excellent renovation work he did to transform the space

and yes, despite our second lives, you will still see us at the salon on a regular basis, so don't be shy to say hello, we love to chat :)

see you soon! xo

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